Things are heating up!

Things are heating up

Because we'd prefer that our chocolates melt in your mouth and not in a shipping box, we're temporarily postponing any online orders for the summer months until temperatures are back to being conducive for shipping. In the meantime, we'd still love to see you at any of our three stores for ice cream.


Sweet, sweet summer!

The Taste of Summer

With temperatures rising there are only a few ways to cool down this summer and a little, (or a lot of), ice cream is our recommended first step.

Step 2 is the painstaking task of deciding between Three River's Wild Blackberry ice cream made from wild blackberries that grow along the rivers in the Sierra OR Peaches & Cream made from locally  grown peaches right from the owners backyard.

Step 3 is realizing that you don't have to decided between the two because a scoop of both is the taste of summer.