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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Traditional and Marzipan Stollen?
Traditional Stollen is our sweet yeast dough German Christmas Bread. It includes our recipe of spices, flavorings and dark-rum soaked fruits.  For our Marzipan version we add a one half-pound ribbon of our own recipe of the almond confection, Marzipan.

How long will stollen last?
Stollen will last several months if kept covered in a cool, dry place.  Stollen loaves are made in early November for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Stollen loaves will become more moist and flavorful with age.

How should Stollen be served?
Stollen can be sliced and served with butter, honey, or jam.  You may toast, or microwave individual slices before eating.

How should the Stollen loaves be stored? 
Store stollen in a cool dry place such as a breadbox or a cool place in your kitchen.  Keep your loaves wrapped when you store them.

Can I freeze loaves for later use?
Our stollen freezes well.  Wrap loaves air tight in freezer wrap or foil.  Thaw loaves slowly, first in the refrigerator and then store in a cool place and enjoy sliced or toasted.

Can Stollen be shipped internationally?
Yes.  Every year, we send loaves to Canada, Japan, England, Australia, France and even Germany.  Our expert shipping department will ensure that your loaves arrive looking and tasting as good as those shipped within the States.  International shipping costs are quoted on an individual basis.  Call us at 1-866-766-2263 for more information.

How large are Reimer’s Stollen Loaves?
Our traditional loaf weighs in at two and three-quarter pounds, our Marzipan loaves weigh over three pounds.  These loaves will feed a family of six, or can be sliced thin for a larger group gathering.

When should I place my order to be guaranteed a loaf?  
We make the loaves at our store in Three River’s California.  Our production is limited and our stollen is reserved on a first come first serve basis.  We recommend that you reserve your loaves early to guarantee that we will be able to fill your order.

Why is stolen only available in November and December? 
Stollen is a traditionally a holiday bread.  We begin baking stollen in early November and allow the loaves to mature before we sell or ship them.  If the loaves are allowed to mature, the flavorings and fruit will soak into the bread to make the stolen more moist and flavorful.