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The History of Stollen Bread

Stollen or Christstollen is a tradition dating back to 14th century Germany.
Germans baked stollen loaves at Christmas to honor princes and church dignitaries, and to sell at fairs and festivals for holiday celebrations.

Sugaring Stollen Bread Loaves

Early stollen loaves were made as bread without milk or butter because the Catholic church did not allow these ingredients during advent.  In the mid 17th century, a papal proclamation allowed stollen bakers to add milk and butter, resulting in a similar recipe to the one we bake today at Reimer’s.  


Our favorite legend pertaining to Stollen Bread is that the hump on our loaves, represents the humps of the camels that carried gifts to the Christ Child on the first Christmas.  The candied fruits and raisins represent the precious jewels and gifts in the camel’s packs.

We bake our wonderful stollen loaves with care, and the intention that your family and friends will enjoy this delicacy that dates back hundreds of years. Enjoying Stollen is a custom that has brought joy and meaning to many holiday celebrations.  We would be honored to have your family make Reimer’s loaves a part of your tradition.